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If you're curious about checking out CFC, that's great! We'd love for you to come know Jesus better with us. But we get it - trying out a new church can make us a little nervous sometimes.

To help you out, here's what some recent and long-time worshipers at CFC are saying:

What kind of overall vibe did you get from CFC the first time you came to check it out?

I felt that the entire service was geared towards all people. Whether you’ve known Christ for 70 years, two weeks, or are still trying to figure out how Christ fits in your life, you can be confident in a good experience. -Josh

We felt a very welcoming vibe the first time we came to CFC. It felt as though we had been a part of this church for a long time already. -Cassie

How did the people at CFC react to you being there?

My first time attending CFC, people who I had never met introduced themselves to me, shook my hand and were legitimately happy that I had come. -Brian

The people at CFC seemed genuinely excited to have us there and were eager to talk to us and make us feel comfortable. -Jordan

What made you want to come back?

I really liked what Pastor Jeff had to say and felt that I could learn and grow from this church. -Josh

Honestly, the beliefs and mission of the church. The focus on local discipleship and development of a personal relationship with God were what really “sold” me on returning.


My whole experience at CFC made me want to keep coming back. The sense of community, the worship music and singing, the sermon, the desire to help each other out, the joyful praise of the Lord, and the truth spoken directly from the bible – and not someone’s opinion – was completely different and refreshing compared to other churches I have attended over the years. -Brian

How would you describe the service?

The service is contemporary and engaging. You always leave the service feeling encouraged. 


Worship services at CFC are casual and comfortable.  It feels like family.  There is joy in seeing your church family and friends. You always hear laughter at CFC. There is flexibility to change different bits of the service from week to week.  There’s also encouragement in the service through music, greeting each other, sharing joys and prayer concerns, and hearing a super message that gives me something to think about during the week.  I can always expect sound Bible teaching and to learn something new. -Karen

I would call the services contemporary.  The services do make you think and are very encouraging. -Donna

I generally leave feeling motivated – motivated to improve my spiritual maturity and to share the Good News with others. -Sarah

What should I expect from the message/sermon?

The pastor’s messages are thought provoking and he has a great delivery with openness. Sermons are based on the scripture but put into everyday language that is easy to understand. -Kent

You should expect to be challenged and encouraged. I like how Pastor Jeff makes bible lessons relevant to experiences we have today. -Josh

A person can expect to hear God’s Word, to have it explained, to hear how it matters to you, and shown how you can apply it to your own life.  It is solid teaching and inspires me to grow in my faith. It is not the pastor’s personal opinion, but rather what the Bible says. -Karen

What should I expect from the worship singing?

Expect to be blessed. There are two worship teams and both are anointed and minister to the needs of your heart. Don’t be afraid or surprised if you see people raising their hands to worship, which is an idea that comes from the bible. -Kent

The worship leaders are amazing! They choose songs that are moving and captivating.


The worship singing at CFC is not traditional organ and hymnal music. I would describe it as more contemporary, but not overly instrumental. Typically, a guitar and a piano. I don’t get lost in the instruments, which allows me to listen and sing the words, and really contemplate the words and feel how they apply to my life and how they glorify God. -Brian

Do I have to do anything when I get to the church?

You will be welcomed at the door. Then you can pick a chair to sit in! -Catherine

Come in, find a seat, and visit. -Sarah

Those who are less outgoing can say good morning on their way in and sit down; those who are more outgoing can find any number of people who would welcome a conversation. 


Where should I sit?

Any place you can find a spot to sit is fair game! -Catherine

You are welcome to sit anywhere you would like.  The back rows are generally considered for families with small children. And in this church, the front rows are sometimes the place to be!


What should I wear?

You do not have to wear anything fancy. There are people that wear jeans and some that wear dress pants or dresses. -Donna

I love our church because if I feel like dressing up, I can. If I feel like wearing jeans and a sweater, I can. It's great! -Catherine

Does CFC offer anything for my kids?

At 9:00 AM there are Sunday School classes upstairs for kids – from preschool to high school – and a class downstairs for adults as well. -Ron

On Wednesday night CFC has Alive, a program for kids in preschool through sixth grade. There is a community youth group for junior high and high school students that meets at the Assembly of God church on Wednesday nights, too. -Donna

How does CFC make a positive impact on your day-to-day life?

CFC helps you realize that being a Christian is fun, which puts perspective on what really matters. -Josh

Attending CFC helps me to stay focused on my study of the bible, increases my hunger to learn about God, allows me to meet other Christians actually living a Christian lifestyle in the community, and increases my desire to worship and glorify God each day of my life. CFC has moved me from a “go to church because it’s what God said to do” point of view, to a place where I look forward to going to glorify God, help build each other up, and give thanks for all that has been done for me. God has become my anchor in the rough sea of trouble we call life. -Brian

CFC encourages and challenges you in many ways. It helps to build and maintain your faith. It helps you to learn and challenges you to reach out to God for all things. -Cassie

We are all broken. I’ve learned to focus and listen to Jesus daily, that definitely makes a difference! -Ron

Is there anything else I should know about CFC?

Come check out CFC! You will be happy you did! -Jordan

It has a really positive energy! -Sarah

Right away, the people at CFC really feel like friends. -Josh

To get the most out of a Sunday, take part in the singing, follow along in the sermon (there are Bibles near you to use), ask questions if you want, and you can always ask for prayer after the service.  As in most things, you get out of it what you put into it. -Karen

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